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Each week, AD Auction Depot Inc. features an amazing variety of inventory on the auction block. Our Auctioneers source out bankruptcies, receiverships, business closures and insurance claims to ensure a great selection of items. From practical to eclectic, if you want it, we probably have sold it. Check out the above picture panel for a small sample of items we sold in the past few weeks. Whether you are buying for your home or business, always check us out first. Shop Auction and PAY WHAT YOU WANT.

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Live Stream Webcast Auctions run every Wednesday at 6:00pm – Log on with the Auction Depot APP or your desk top and bid away

Timed Online Auctions run every weekend – bid on hundreds of NEW items each weekend. from clothing & jewelry to groceries and collectibles. Get the Auction Depot Mobile APP today and never miss a deal.


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What We Sell

New Furniture & Housewares

Tools & Equipment

Firearms & Leisure items

Jewelry, Coins & Collectibles

Building Supplies & Home Renovation

Groceries & Frozen Food

Where Does it Come From

Business Closures

Insurance Claims

Bankruptcies & Receiverships

Closeouts & Downsizings

Overstocks & Cancelled Orders

Close Date & Packaging Changes