The appraisal by AD Auction Depot Inc. helped our organization with refinancing.

It was so easy! AD Auction Depot Inc. was able to market our last years stock and provide us with a cheque in record time.

We conduct


With over 20 years of experience in the auction industry, Jim Giroux and the team of professionals at AD Auction Depot Inc. have the ability to conduct auctions anywhere in North America. The AD Auction Depot Inc. mobile auction team can conduct an auction at your location or sell your merchandise at the Auction Depot, 12,000 square foot facility in Calgary, Alberta.


We offer complete auction services. Whether it be at your location or ours, we guarantee that a comprehensive marketing plan is set forth to ensure a good turn out to the auction. Our commission rates are competitive and our auctioneers are fully bonded, insured and experienced. We will always offer you an auction solution tailored to fit your needs.

Fair Market


What is it worth? AD Auction Depot Inc.’s professionals can supply you with an accurate fair market appraisal.


AD Auction Depot Inc. auctioneers have over 20 years of experience appraising inventories & assets. Whether you are selling your business, merging or looking for additional financing, an appraisal is an investment in your businesses future.


AD Auction Depot Inc. offers three types of Appraisals


  • Forced Value Appraisal (FVA): This is a value based on sale by public auction under strict time restraints with little time for marketing.
  • Market Value Appraisal (MVA): This is a value based on unlimited time to market all items to the end user. i.e. If you are selling your business, this is the value which you would place on your assets.
  • Insurance Salvage Appraisal (ISA): This Value enables Insurance companies & adjusters to decide weather to restore salvage or sell it as is.
Hassle Free


Our logistics team is always available. AD Auction Depot Inc. uses only fully insured and bonded freight companies to insure the safety of your goods. The AD Auction Depot Inc. logistics team can arrange timely removal at competitive rates.